Willow has a new litter of puppies!

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Updated on April 17th, 2019

Willow - Allegheny Labradors
“Willow” – Ch Allegheny’s Willow of Wildwood

Puppies - Allegheny Labradors

Breeding is done selectively on a limited basis with usually one or two litters per year. It’s important each puppy goes to a good home where there is at least one responsible family member there all day. For those who can’t provide daytime care for a young puppy we recommend a more mature dog that’s already housebroken and familiar with various situations.

We are opposed to irresponsible breeding of pets. Puppies are sold on a Limited Registration basis with an agreement to spay or neuter.

Our puppies are raised on a raw food diet. Based on our many years of experience, dogs that eat a raw food diet are generally healthier and less likely to develop health problems as they age when compared to dogs that eat commercial dry dog food. Please take time to learn more about the raw food diet and its benefits.

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