“Grace” – Allegheny’s Amazing Grace
Birth Date: September 27, 2005

Allegheny's Amazing Grace

Ch. Allegheny’s Strolling Minstrel Ch. Cambremer Tudor Minstrel, CD Eng. Sh. Ch. Rocheby Royal Oak Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby
Eng. Sh. Ch. Rocheby Acorn
Eng. Sh. Ch. Cambremer All That Jazz Ch. Kupros Master Mariner
Cambremer Montclair
Crossfield Witch Hazel Ch. Allegheny’s Nicholas Ch. Marshland Blitz
Allegheny’s Peppercorn
Ch. Allegheny’s Cricket, WC Ch. Dickendall’s Ruffy, SH
Allegheny’s Hide ‘n Seek
Allegheny’s Labwell Jollity Ch. Chancellor Mary Carromer Mystery Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby
Carromer Glamour Girl
Ardmargha Good Fortune Eng. Ch. Sandylands My Guy
Sandylands Fine Sherry of Ardmargha
Ch. Allegheny’s Kiwi, JH Ch. Tabatha’s Drifter at Dickendall, JH Ch. Dickendall Arnold, JH
Ch. Tabatha’s Valleywood Decoy, WC
Ch. Allegheny’s Cherry Blossom Ch. Graemoor Bombay
Am. Can. Ch. Kupros Midnight Frolic, WC