We have found these publications to be very helpful in the past. If you are planning to buy a Labrador as a pet or for showing, we highly recommend that you take the time to educate yourself about the breed. Most of the books can be found at Dr. Billinghurst’s books can also be found at You can also try or for anything with an ISBN listed. A simple search for the number will bring up the book you requested.

I have also included invaluable information about diet and health that should not go unread by any dog owner. As stated on the Natural Diet page, we feed all our dogs a raw food diet. It is something we feel very strongly about, and we urge you to learn more so that you are able to make an informed decision about the care of your dog.

Owning a dog is a responsibility we do not take lightly. It is essential that we all learn to properly care for our dogs, just as we do our children.

The Barf Diet:
The Barf Diet by [Billinghurst, Ian]

Feed your dogs and cats the way Mother Nature intended by eliminating grains and feeding them a BARF, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, diet. Australian veterinarian, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, long-time champion and international lecturer on the benefits and how-to of feeding raw foods to pets, explains in simple, understandable terms why and how to feed your animals for optimum health. Learn how to create simple, home-prepared meals that mimic the diet of your pets wild ancestors. You will no longer have to rely on mass-produced, often grain-based commercial foods that can compromise your pet s energy, health, even longevity.

Give Your Dog a Bone:
Give Your Dog a Bone by [Billinghurst, Dr. Ian]

Deals exclusively with feeding dogs. Designed for those who want easy to read, common sense guidance on feeding for maximum health, low cost and low environmental impact. Inspired by the observation that dogs and cats fed their natural whole food diet are far healthier than when fed cooked and processed foods. Contains valuable information for anyone who is involved with dogs, including vets, vet students, breeders and dog owners. Concerns the relationship between diet, health and disease in dogs. Everyone’s talking about this book!

Grow Your Pups with Bones:

Reader review: “…Glossy, shiny coats with no skin conditions to speak of. Healthy teeth, outstanding energy. Right weight, no obesity/fattiness to my dogs. Sweet breath even after they’re a year old. Smell great, very few baths needed. No impacted teeth all came loose naturally. Love chilling out with their bones. Healthy, hard stools (no anal gland draining needed, ever). No waste of meat scraps/veggies around the house (we use after juicing pulp and mix it in)…”

Natural Immunity – Why to not vaccinate
Natural Immunity By Pat McKay herself: Medical doctors, scientists and other professionals that I quote in this book have done a superlative job in putting together excellent information warning the guardians of animals and children about the deadly effects of vaccinations. I hope to bring that information to you in a short, sweet and succinct fashion, because you need to know the truth.

“The Whole Dog Journal – A Monthly Guide to Natural Dog Care & Training”

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