Willow has a new litter of puppies.

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This page was updated on June 13th, 2019

Willow - Allegheny Labradors
“Willow” – Ch Allegheny’s Willow of Wildwood

Puppies - Allegheny Labradors

Breeding is done selectively on a limited basis with usually one or two litters per year. It’s very important that each puppy goes to a good home where there will be at least one responsible family member there all day. For those who can’t provide daytime care for a young puppy we recommend getting a more mature dog that’s already housebroken and familiar with various situations.

We’re against the irresponsible breeding of dogs. Puppies are sold on a limited registration basis with conditional requirements to spay or neuter. Please contact us with any questions regarding this.

All puppies are raised on a raw food diet. Based on many years of experience, dogs that eat a raw food diet are generally healthier and less likely to develop health problems as they age when compared to dogs that eat commercial dry dog food. Take a few minutes to learn more about the raw food diet and its benefits.

For more info about about puppies or dogs for sale, please contact us